Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear Mr. Perfect....part two

Dear Mr. Perfect

So a friend told me my first list to you was a little to long so I will attempt to make it smaller then a list of 20.

1. Enjoy the outdoors, while I love being home I sure love the way the sun feels on my face.

2. Be willing to cook sometimes or even clean up once in a while

3. Know you will always have my heart, but you have to care for it like it is yours.

4. Treat me with respect and I will always respect you

5. Accept my boys, I am not looking for a dad for them. They need someone to be a role model for them.

6. Respect my faith, be willing to pray with me and for us.

7. Laugh at my dumb jokes.

Thanks...see you soon!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Women in my life

My beautiful mother passed away when I was seven years old and so started a string of amazing women to come in and out of my life to teach me and to guide me.

Fay is my second mother, she loved me as her own. She brought me to Christ, she showed me how to be a mom, she loved me unconditionally. When I got married, she came with me to find my dress and she sat where my mother would have sat. There are not enough words for me to describe her. I absolutely love her.

Ann was my mom's best friend, she showed me how to be a single mom and survive. She would take me shopping at Christmas with her girls and her girls were like my big sisters.

Bev is a family friend that knew me before I was conceived. She was always the supportive one, the one that would just listen and then try to help.

Julie was a friend of my dad, she was a bartender. I thought she was pretty cool. She showed me how to flirt with men (still not very good at it). She taught me never to give up, to always try your best and that my dreams were achievable.

My paternal grandmother, showed me how to cook and loved me no matter what. She always seemed sad when I was growing up, I always wondered why.

There was so much love around me from so many women (good and bad)…my mother will never be replaced nor forgotten. I believe she sent so many women into my life to guide me and to love me just as she would have.

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

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