Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 20 - TrueFaced

Well yesterday would have been 20 weeks of my weight loss journey. I have to say despite laying in bed all day and not really doing anything....I am losing weight! I can feel it, my clothes are getting to big which feels great but when you have to get around on crutches all day it becomes hard to keep pulling my pants up!

During my bed time, I am trying to read many of the books I have not been able to get to. One in particular I have been waiting to get at and its call "TrueFaces" trust God and others with who you really are. Wow pretty powerful stuff. Here are a few things that I have underlined in the book, something I am working though myself!

-Our motives direct what we value and how we act
-We will only please God and become godly when we trust God
-If my motive is Trusting God, then my value will be Living Out of Who God Says I Am, and my action will be Standing with God, with My Sin in Front of Us, Working on It Together
-We value striving, because we trust our own assessment  of who we are instead of God's
-If we do not start  with trusting who God says we are , we will end up trusting our own resources to try to please God. This kind of self-sufficient mindset nauseates God
-Humility escorts us to grace...Humility requires trust
-Pride shuts grace down

And I am only a few chapters into the book. I am loving it! For years, I have had dreams and because those dreams did not come true I would put on a mask to hid the shame, the quilt and pretending that everything is ok. Not everything in my life has gone to plan, my dream man ended up to be a nightmare. My big and beautiful home has turned into a three bedroom home that needs to be painted and cleaned. My attempts to be a great mom have fallen short! But with God standing next to me and helping me see that many of my dreams have come true and showing me...yep you have sinned...what are we going to do to not to sin again?

I knew God had something for me when I fell down the hill!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 19 - view and other thoughts

So this has been my view the past 11 days! I am already tired of being in bed, tired of lugging that thing around with crutches. But God has a reason for this time in my life. The reasons that come to my mind right away is that I need to accept help from others (hate it), need to get the men (my dad and the boys) in my life to step up and see all that I do for them.  Both have not really happened, my dad is helping to a point and the boys have been great to a point. But I need to get them all to do things. I should be in bed but I have to get help with laundry and cook.....ugh

So this would have been my 19th week of my weight loss journey...while I have been watching what I am eating, I am not counting my points and I am not working out. I still feel like I am losing weight...strange I know. I kinda do get a work out when I have to lug this cast around.

I am looking forward to the next 30 or so days in bed, can't wait to see what lessons God has for me.

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