Sunday, December 2, 2012

When the head, heart, gut and prayers don't agree

I have always said when making a tough decision that you need to listen to your gut....but my gut is usually wrong. So then I hear people say follow your heart, well when I follow my heart I get hurt, stepped on and become a human speed bump. So now I try to filter everything that is going in my head...nothing is making sense to me!

My mind says one thing the heart says another then the gut has something else to say......then in the middle of threes three fighting, I try to pray and wait and wait for an answer (I sometimes think God ignores me).

I need to make some decisions soon, and I can't  decide what to do.....can't my gut, heart, head and prayers give me some kind of answer?

Need to figure of the next steps in this life and I just need some guidance, wisdom, love and faith....come on your four help me out.

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