Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wanted...in search of a good man

So I have been thinking lately…..I need to date or something of the sort (think more of getting out of my bubble).

 I know I have been saying that for years and I have tried the on line thing but that was a crappy experience.

 I have been hoping for one of those chance meetings you see on TV. You know the ones….some handsome man happens to sit next to you at Starbucks or asks you what you think of a particular product at the grocery story…you know what I am talking about.

Then I hope that friend fixes me up with someone she knows or my kids meet a great guy and thinks he would be perfect for me.

Well none of those things have happened for me….and that is ok, I am good with it. Like I say…yea for me if it happens and yea for me if it doesn’t.  But I have not given up on the idea of one great man coming into my life.

I didn’t date that much in high school, really didn’t get asked out much or asked to dances, met my prom date on a street corner in Westwood, been cheated on so many times that I have stopped counting, had my heart broken, stomped on and even laughed at. I have had my soul dumped on. My self worth kicked to the curb. My dignity shredded to pieces. But I still hold onto hope that one good man will come.

I look at some of my friends that have divorced since mine and they are either remarried or in a committed relationship and the jealousy flairs up. But then I have to talk myself off of the ledge and remind myself that everyone has their own path in life and this is my path at the moment. And I go back to hope of one good man.

And my thoughts turn to….Maybe he is thinking right now….I just want one good women….one that likes the outdoors, one that does not mind watching sports with me, one that has a middle school boy sense of humor. And maybe just maybe she is looking for me.


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