Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shoe dropped and God caught it

Every time I start to feel good about life, I always worry about something bad to happen or for the other shoe to drop. This week the other shoe was about to drop but this time it did not fall...God caught it before it could drop.

What happened was I got information that there was a chance my child support was being reevaluated and more then likely it was going to be reduced. At first I was really angry, but after a chat with my best friend or should I say my sister I calmed down. The anger was still there but something inside of me that calmed me down, something that said 'hey its just money, you will be fine'. God was with me letting me know that everything was going to be ok.

The more I sit back and look at this situation, the more I am ok with it. My children are happy, healthy and smart. They are these things because of me. They know that I am doing what I can for them.

I thank God for catching me and letting me know I am and that I am loved by Him. Through Him I know all things are possible an He will be there again to catch the shoe if it drops again.

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