Sunday, August 12, 2012


Been having some why's running around in my head and I need to let them out before they give me yet another headache or I let them run wild and I have more why be free why thoughts...

Why is my hair curly? My mom and dad both had curly hair and my brother has it but why me too? I hate my hair

Why does it seem like every man I have and a relationship with cheated on me. High school boyfriend did, boyfriend out of high school did, the ex. husband did, first relationship post divorce wonder I have a shield I have something on my forehead that says hey cheat on me I can take it.

Why do I still see myself weighing a 100 pounds? I still think I can eat like I weigh a 100 pounds.

Why do I feel like my destiny in life will be like my father, alone, depresses and no friends. I pray about this a lot. It's a scary thought to be like that.

Why can I not to be able to save money? I don't have a nest egg don't have the credit I would like. I am 44 years old and I should have this part of my life figured out.

Why do my friends not fix me up with anyone? Am I that picky? Or do the not want to because I am not good enough for the single guys they know.

Why do I hate cleaning my house? It's clean but it could be cleaner.

Why do some friendships stick and the others don't? I have some great friends but I miss the ones that I have lost.

Why is it that I think of others first and they don't think of me?

Why do others hear the voice of God and I don't?

It feels good to get these out, maybe this way I can work on them....well I can't change the curly hair.

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