Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Mom of Boys

Growing up I was the only girl around, I had an older brother that had to take me everywhere. I have always been around men (could be the reason I like sports and that farts don't bug me). So when I had both of the boys I knew that I could handle it being a mom of boys because I was always around them. Was I wrong!

No one told me that boys have mood swings and are hormonal! Gesh I thought only girls did that! I have one right smack in the middle of puberty and one right on the verge of starting! It is crazy around here, I never know if I said something wrong or if I did something that I would normally do that now embarrasses them. They are moody! Oh my gosh, that is the worst!

I can handle the girl stuff, I went though it but this boys stuff is rough!

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