Monday, August 22, 2011

Things learned while teaching your son to drive

Jonathan has started to drive and I am having the hardest time!!! Not because he is a bad driver (he does have a lot to learn, like breaking), it's because I have to give up control!

I am the driver, I have been driving them since they were born. I always drive! And now I have to give up the control of driving. And I think its more then Jonathan driving, its that he is growing up!

This morning we were driving and I told him that the reason I freak out when he is driving is because I like to be in control! He smiled and looked and me and said "Mom its time to let it all go!" Wow my wise child!

How in the heck do I do that? And when did I become such a control freak?

Gesh...growing up is hard at 43!

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