Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Mother's what!

Each Mother's Day I hope that my boys somehow plan something for me, or that their dad gives them money to get me something. Mother's Day comes, and.....nothing! No card, no breakfast in bed, no flowers or just a simple Happy Mother's Day.

Wait....I did get one gift my oldest came to Church with me. He knows that it is important to me.

It kills me that the can't do anything for me. What I have I done wrong with them? 

Hmmm...let me rethink this blog....everyday is Mother's Day...ugh that doesn't work either.

I am jealous of my friends that have a wonderful Mother's Day, with flowers, gifts, breakfast in bed, a nice meal out.

I just want my boys to appreciated me and everything that I do for them.

ugh...can we just skip this day all together....and Valentines Day too!!

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  1. christina barbosa ruizMay 14, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    I'll start first by saying I think your very brave to write your blog and express your feelings for all of us to read. I'll also say that when you least expect it they will show or say how much they appreciate you. It took me till my thirties to tell my mom how much I appricate her and what she has done for me. Kristen, I'll be very honest, I think it's okay for you tell your boys it's mother's day (or whichever holiday, etc.)and I want you to ... for me. It's like planting a seed for something you wish to continue for years to come. I am a mother of four boys so I know how you feel sometimes. So here's to next's years Mother's Day, I hope you have an amazingly wonderful day with your two handsome sons and will blog about the beautiful things that you did together.


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