Sunday, July 15, 2012

Adventures in on line dating part 5

So I have been doing this on line dating for two months now and I am throwing in the towel. I have done what everyone has told me to do, read all the advice and the only thing to come out of this was my self esteem was killed and I am out a $100. I think that there is something wrong with me, that my standards are too high, that I am not attractive enough.

I know that is not the truth, I am who someone is looking for. I am attractive enough for them.

I don't like the idea of chasing after a man, call me old fashion but I truly believe that if a man is interested nothing is going to stop them in getting to know you. Think that is the main reason I don't like on line dating, I don't like the idea of having to 'sell' myself.

Think in the end I need to love myself more then subjecting myself to the rejection of others.

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