Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wedding Dream

About 6 or 7 years ago I had a dream that I was getting married, I remember the dream like I had it last night. The dream goes like this.....I am driving with a friend in her 4runner, I have my dress on with awful gladiator type shoes on. My phone rings and it is my husband to be, telling me to hurry because I am going to be late (for those who know me, know I am always late). But I tell him I have to get my wedding shoes. The shoes I guess are in a closet at church. I woke up not finding the shoes or seeing who I was marrying.

The dream has been a puzzle to me ever since.  I looked up what each detail meant and I am still puzzled.

Wedding dreams mean new beginnings, shoes mean a path.....where is this path? A path to what?

The other thing I remember is his voice on the phone....need to find that voice.

Another thing that keeps bugging me is why in the heck do I remember this dream so well?

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