Saturday, October 25, 2014

I do......I don't

I do want a job.....I don't want to be on unemployment and food stamps.
I do want to be remembered....I don't like being ignored or forgotten.
I do want my children to love me.....I don't want to be like my dad where a child does not love me.
I do want the love of God in my life.....I don't want to feel like He has forgotten my prayers.
I do want to lose this weight I carry around.....I don't want to feel unhealthy anymore.
I do want to be in mission with God....I don't know where I fit into that.
I do want a partner to walk through life with....I don't want a partner that lies and cheats.
I do want to be told that I have done a good job raising my boys alone....I don't like to be blamed when they do not doing life the way you expect.
I do want to be content with life.....I don't like the negative thoughts that run through my head.

OK...that is off my to make this list a reality!!!

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