Thursday, February 4, 2010

Help me God...again

When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest, I was not ready to be pregnant again. We were not financially ready for another one, my marriage was not ready for another one. And I think because of this, he some how knew and this is why he has always treated me poorly.

As many mom's we want to give our children everything under the sun. We want to make them happy, we want to see them smile....we want them to love us.

I don't know where I have gone wrong with him. He hates me, he pushes me away. All I can do is love him.

I go without so he and has brother can have. He hates that I have no money, he hates that he has friends that get everything they want.

Dear God....I come to you a broken mom. Help me to be better for my children. Help me take care of my paycheck, help me get out of this mess. I love my children as you love us, help me to love more. Help me God.

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