Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weight, feeling good, new puppy....waiting for the other shoe to drop

Lately I have been feeling pretty darn good! I am digging deeper into the Word, getting my head more wrapped around having God in my life. Started Weight Watchers and to date I have lost five pounds. We have a new puppy and he takes me on a walk every night...things are pretty good! Then why do I have this unsettling feeling that something is going to happen?

Could it be a pattern that I am use to? Things start going well and then something/someone comes along and throws a wrench into my life.

How does one go through and break the patterns that have held them back for so long? Forgiveness? Allowing oneself to be happy? Understanding the patterns and prevent them? Could it be that I am projecting that in my life that I am not surprised and not hurt when things go bad?

Not sure what it is, but I know that I have to continue to walk on this path I am that will bring me to a state of grace.

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