Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adventures in On Line Dating Part 2

So continues my On Line Dating experience, so let's see where am I in this little adventure?? the same place I was last week. This week did bring the promise of someone, but as the week went on that fizzled out.

I have emailed, winked at men that I don't necessarily find physically attractive but we have somethings in common and I have not heard back from any of them.

Then there is Zoosk (an app on Facebook), so I joined that and the first guy out the gate asked if I was only interested in a physical relationship. Told him that is a key to component to a relationship and he agreed then the next message was asking when we were going to meet up to have sex. Is this the kind of men that is out there? If so, I am staying home where it is safe.

I hope and pray for the next man to come into my life, if it is God's will then he will come if not it's ok. I am happy being alone. I truly am....yes it would be nice to share life's ups and downs with. But I don't like the rejection part of all of this.

It is safer at home.

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