Monday, June 11, 2012

Adventures in On Line Dating

Well, I have dipped my toe into the world of on line dating. Let me say this...on line dating sucks!!

I joined a free dating web site, didn't meet anyone. Those that were interested in me were not men I would date. I have standards, I have heard that you have to play the odds and say yes to men that you might not be physically attracted to but you might be attracted to on a different level. There was only one guy that I would have considered going on a date with and he seemed ok with just emailing back and forth but nothing more.

Now I am on a paying site, this one is just as bad. I have been emailing someone and he seemed interested then he asked to go to coffee and then backed out. Then I was IM'ing someone then he ended up being a fraud (he said he lived locally but really he was in another country). There are men that I find attractive and then I read more of their profile and they want a 30 something. I am coming to the conclusion most men my age want younger women.

Ugh....rejection on line hurts just as much as if it was in person.

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