Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deadbeat Dad

So, I have been divorced or seperated now for four years. When I filed for divorce I filed at the same time garnishment paperwork for Child Suppport. Well to date the jerk owes me close to $19,000 (and that is not including the child care expenses, school, sports and medical expenses)! That is a down payment on a condo, that is an amazing trip to Europe, that is a sweet down payment of my dream car, that is so many things!
In California you have all child support cases go through a department of the courts. I called them today to see what is going on...well the jerk has his licensed suspended (great..he has been driving my kids!), they are going to take any taxes he is owed (he has not filed in 5 years), they are getting ready to take any money he has in his bank account. And if he goes 12 months without paying anything then he is going to be held in contempt of court and could go to jail.
How hard is it to make sure you kids are taken care of? I know there are not that many jobs out there, but hell if it was me...I would be flipping burgers, waiting tables, doing anything I could do make sure my kids got some kind of money.
I could take him to court now and try to get full legal and physical custody of the boys and press the courts to put him in jail now...ugh!
How can he look me in the eye or his boys and know he is not doing what he needs to be doing for his children?
His dad is looking down from heaven and is sad by his son actions!

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