Sunday, April 19, 2009

Return of the boys

The boys were both gone last week on school trips, one to camp and the other to Washington DC..sadly neither one wanted to come home. When I asked them why they both told me the same thing: Grandpa.

My dad moved in over a year ago with the intention of staying a few months until he found a place of his own. He is still here! And I can't take it anymore! He has no relationship with my brother and has some kind of relationship with his brother but I am all he has. I am the only one left in his life that he has not pissed off. Well he is on the verge of it with me. He rolls his eyes about church and my faith. He does not like the way I am raising my boys, he hates when the ex. husband is here and I can go on and one. He never leaves the house, I have offered to get him a gym membership and he does not want it. ugh...

When I found out when the boys were leaving for his trips, I told him that I needed him to leave for a few days that week. I need time alone in MY house. He didn't leave.

So, how do I get him out of my house? I am not the type to just be upfront, I am a beat around the bush kind of gal.

It's sad that the boys are not building a relationship with him like most grandchildren do, they just don't like him. They don't respect him. I tell them they need to but they remind me that he does not respect me or what we do as a family.

I am glad my boys are safe in their beds, I did miss them even though they did not miss me.

How did this blog go from the return of the boys to one about my dad? ugh! time for bed!

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