Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Bye....Knuckle Head

I have had someone in and out of my life for a few years, and I refer to him as Knuckle Head because he seems so interested in me but can't figure out what he wants. Well....that is what I thought.

He and I would meet to have drinks every few months and he would tell me how cute I was and that he cannot believe that I have not been swept off of my feet by someone. He would tell me things like: my mom would love you, I need to be dating you, let's take a trip together...on and on...and I would be so taken back by some of the things he would say.

But in the back of my mind I could not figure out why he would not take the relationship a step further. My gut kept telling me there was someone else and I would ask him that and he would reassure me that there is no one in his life. He knew how much I was hurt by the ex. husbands cheating ways, he knew how much of a guard I have put up because of it and he knew the journey I took to get over the pain of a cheating husband.

So, my curious mind kicked in last night...I dug around Facebook and was able to find some pictures of him...with friends...on vacation....and with his girlfriend!

I sat on the information for a little bit then I sent him a text (me in " and his response in ')...."Do me a big favor?"...'sure'...."delete my number"....'why?'...'something wrong'......"I was ready to give you my heart but for some reason you didn't want it, and because of that it would be best if you did.....there was always something\someone in the way of you taking this any further".........nothing after that.

The tears came and they came because for the last few years I hung onto the idea of a relationship with him, the tears came because I had been so dumb that I didn't pick up on it sooner, the tears came because those who love me knew something was not right with him. I told myself that I would never cry over a man again...well I did!

I have to look at this situation as this.....I am ready to date....I am ready to be loved again...I can do this...I am stronger....I know what I want in a man....I know that God has a plan for me and He will not let me down.

So Knuckle are missing out on an amazing women who would have loved you and cared for you more then you will ever there will be someone else who can have my heart because its not for you anymore!

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