Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gone...good bye...melt away

Last night a friend of mine had a gold party, for those of you that do not know what that is. It's a party where you take your old gold jewelry and a guy looks at it then weighs it and then pays you cash for your old stuff.

I took with me a few old charms from necklaces, a ring that I had broke and never got fixed,my high school class ring (why did I make my dad buy that for me) broken necklaces and my engagement ring and wedding ring. The diamond in the ring was one carat but it had several flaws...wait....flawed like my marriage! Oh my it was like the diamond was trying to tell me something when he gave it to me! wedding ring and engagement rings are gone, they will be melted down and made into gold bars.

I keep thinking I should have saved them for the boys to do with them whatever they wanted but they are tanted, they hold no good memories. I have for them their Grandmother and Great Grandmothers rings they can have them...they were from good marriages.

A friend said to me last night that I needed to get rid of them and clense myself of him and that I need to continue to move forward in this new journey I am on.

The rings are gone the memories of the pain is still there...those memories keep me grounded to what I do not want in my life...

Melt away rings....

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