Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Will the REAL Kristen please stand up....part 2

I believe that all men that come into my life will hurt me in one way or another.
I have a hard time believing what people tell me, always wondering how much they are lying to me.
I often go over board to help, partly because I want the acceptance
I can train a room full of people but get me to speak in front of a large audience and I freeze
I get tongue tied when I get scared
I want to be a lawyer but getting a little to old to become one
I withhold information about my ex husband to his mom because I hate seeing her sad
I often feel uneasy about some of the life choices I have made
I would give everything I have to someone to make them happy
I hate being made fun of or being the butt of someones joke. This makes me cry when no one is around
I have never learned how to change a tire or the oil in my car
I hate people who's life's seem so perfect and they see to have everything going there way
I wear glasses and should be wearing them all the time but I hate wearing them so I will just fake that I can see
I have a slight hearing lose in my right ear due to an illness that was not take care of when I was young
I pierced two holes in my left ear....that hurt! I don't wear anything in them now
Those who know me know that I love to dance and wanted to be a dancer so bad
We were really poor when I was growing up and we always had everything we needed but sometimes I didn't get the cool stuff and I was really jealous
I want the picture perfect life and I don't know what that looks like
I always wanted a step mother, just a women to give me her full attention and show me what being a women is all about
My finest moment this year was taking my boys on a 5 day cruise, they have never been on vacation and I cried the whole trip because I was so happy for us

I have soooo many things in my life that I am blessed to have but yet I have so many things that hold me back from really appreciating them.

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