Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Confessions of a Fat Lady....part 3

This week was a rough one, car died which pretty much took all of my savings. Which then lead me to feeling a bit out of control emotionally. So I wasn't too sure how this weeks weigh in would be. Well I lost .4 pounds, still a loss so I will take it.

Something has stick with me this week from Church on Sunday.....I need to return my body to God. My body (my life) was a gift from Him and I need to care for it.

By allowing my body to get this big and so unhealthy I am not taking care of the greatest gift...Life!

It's a tough process when all you have done for the past 20 something years is care for others and not taking the time for me. I felt selfish if I went and did something for me when the boys were younger, felt like I didn't deserve time for me. I was a mom I had to be there 100% for my children not matter what.

So this coming week I have to remember to let myself have time for me and watch what I am putting in my mouth.

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