Friday, December 20, 2013


I wrote a blog about Christmas back in 2011 and I found it strange that I am still feeling the say way about Christmas.

I have not have that magically Christmas spirit in 2 years! I am starting not to be a big fan of this holiday. I started thinking about why I don't like this holiday anymore.

Money has been tight for the past two years and this year is even worse. Not working for six months has depleted my savings account, unemployment has to last me two weeks and I have to pay bills out of this upcoming weeks payment. I hate the idea of going broke for one day. I love celebrating the birth of Jesus and I love being with family but I can do those two things at any time.

The other reason why this holiday gets me down is that the boys are getting older and they do not like to do the same traditions we did when they were younger. The excitement of Santa coming is not there any more. They usually know what they are getting which ruins the magic.

I usually have these grand ideas for them for Christmas but they are usually just an idea because I can't afford it.

And I think the crux of all of this is I set such high expectations for everything....Christmas expectations that they will want to make cookies for Santa, they will want to go look at Christmas lights, they will want to go to Church and they will wake up and sneak into the living room to see what is under the tree and check the stockings.

I wish I can believe in the Magic of Christmas again and I need to stop with the grand expectations.

ps...we did get a only has lights on it

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