Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Confessions of a Fat Lady...part 10

Didn't go to my usual meeting this week but did weigh myself at home and I stayed this same which I wonder if I really lost because my scale at home is not always right.

This week I have been thinking about what I put in my mouth, when I put it in my mouth and why.

Breakfast usually consists of toast and hot chocolate. Sometimes a muffin or cereal. And then sometimes I eat nothing. Lunch is a sandwich or a quesadilla and once in a while cottage cheese and fruit. Dinner is always a protein, side dish and veggies. And then there is my daily intake of snacks.

I will eat all day long if I could, I love to snack. This could be good and bad, I am always full but is what I am eating good for me? If you are a snacker you should be snacking on fruits, veggies and proteins. I snack on crackers, popcorn, dry cereal and cookies...see no good!

The why is the comfort, food does not judge me, food does not tell me I am doing things wrong. Certain foods just make me feel good....mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and homemade desserts.

I plan our dinners but don't plan the other meals....might have to plan my breakfast and lunch....

Hoping for a good week...but then again...its going to be Christmas and we eat all day long!!!

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