Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Confessions of a Fat Lady....part 5

Not a good week, I have gained back what I lost. :(  I was shocked that I gained it back, things seemed to be going well. My clothes are fitting better, I was watching what I was what happened?? Soda is what happened! Not saying it was the complete reason why I gained weight back but I have been drinking more soda and less water.

So easy to slide back into bad habits, so easy to go back to what seems easy and comfortable.

I am reading a book called "A Confident Heart" by Renee Swope which is about how to stop doubting yourself and to live in the promises God has given.

Something I read this week really stuck me and goes with the bad habits I feel back into. "The enemy will whisper to us that "we deserve" the chocolate cake. He'll remind us we had a stressful week and made so many sacrifices. He'll then convince us that "surely one piece won't hurt". We'll eat one, and then another. The next day we regret it, but then we're feeling down and start craving more, so we go back and eat cake until the whole thing is gone. Then we get on the scale and feel completely defeated because we gained back the five pounds we worked so hard to lose. Immediately the accuser's voice of condemnation beast us up, telling us we are a failure because we have no control or self control."

Wow, now I am not saying the evil one made me eat poorly or made me drink the sodas. But I did feel defeated this morning and the voice of condemnation came over me telling me I was just a fatty and I can't do this. Telling me to accept that I will always be over weight.

I have to fight this all day long, every is the one thing right now in my life I can control. I decide what to put in my mouth, I decide should I walk or just stay in bed and watch TV all day. Not working right now can either put my into a deep depression or I can fight it and reclaim my body.

This week I need to limit the amount of soda I drink...move more fruit and veggies...and fight the accuser telling me I can't do it!

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