Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Mom's

I was blessed to have had two Mothers in my life, my birth Mother and the other heaven sent. Now they are both together drinking coffee and discussing me (well I would like to think that).

My birth Mother, Kathy passed away when I was seven year old. I didn't have her with me very long but she left me with many memories that have carried me thus far. I remember the way she smelled, the way her cherry pie tasted and her baked beans. She loved my brother and I so much and I know she wouldn't have left us. I wished she would have had time to teach me to sew, how to be a strong women and how to be a mom. I miss her everyday, I know she is with me and is guiding me the best way she can.
This is the last picture I have of my mom before she passed away, I look nothing like her but I know I have her sprit and personality.

When the ambulance was called for my mom, a sweet angel came to my house and sat with my brother and I while the paramedics worked on my mother...this is when my heaven sent mother came into my life.

Fay was a neighbor, her middle son and my brother were best friends. My mom and Fay would keep score together during little league. Fay has three sons, no daughter and that is where I come in. As soon as my mom passed away she was there for me, calling me in the morning to come down to her house so she could brush my long hair and put it up. I would go to her house afterschool and stay there until my dad came home from work. I was part of the family, I started to call her mom and her sons became my brothers. It was a weird sorta thing but I loved it.

Years passed, she helped me through the typical middle school/high school drama. Then I moved in with her when my dad decided to move out of state for work. I had just met the "love of my life" and I didn't want to leave him.

When I married the "love of my life" she was there when I picked out my wedding dress, gave me a bridal shower and she was the Mother of the Bride. I loved having her there with me, calming my nerves and loving me as her own.

She taught be how to cook, how to sew (sort of), how to mother boys, how to mother everyone around me and best of all she showed me the love of God.

The day after my 46th birthday, I received the call that she had passed away. My best friend said she waited until after my birthday. I would like to think that, but that is not her call it was Gods.

I can't express in words, actions or deeds how much she meant to me. She didn't have to take me as her own, she didn't have to love me and she didn't have to brush my long hair in the morning but she did and it changed the course of my life and for that I will always be grateful.

So, my Mom's are together...discussing me...the good, the bad and the really messed up! I just hope they are proud of me.

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